Success Stories

August 2018 by Shannon

I would like to say a very special and heartfelt thanks to Steven Zinderman. Not only is he the top physical rehab vet in the world (my opinion!), but he came to our home so that Simon could leave us peacefully. This man gave us an extra 2 years with Zak, a wonderful year with Emery James, and a sweet gentle goodbye to Simon. Comfort Care Vet in Canton, Dr. Z, our hearts, adoration, and loyalty are all yours.

April 2017 by Mary Ann Mullahy

Hi Dr. Z. Waffle started being himself last evening, thank GOD! He seems to be doing very well, He just did a 3 legged stand!!! I am not going to push this, but I am happy to say he seems SO much better! He is sleeping now, but he is back to being Waffle! Thanks, I bow to Trigger Point Therapy once again! Thank you Dr. Zinderman, and staff. *I still am crossing my fingers and toes!

Genevieve on July 26, 2016

Before a visit to Dr. Zinderman.

Genevieve on August 2, 2016

After 2 visits to Dr. Zinderman.

July 2016 by Valerie Hill

“Dr. Zinderman,
Thank you for seeing Callie today on short notice. I have the utmost confidence in your abilities to get Callie back to feeling better. I am sorry I wasn’t able to be there with Callie today, but please know that I will be there as much as I can during Callie’s rehabilitation. Callie has benefited greatly from your help in the last couple of years and I couldn’t think of anywhere we’d rather want her to be but in your care. Hope to see you soon!”

Valerie Hill

July 2016 by Mackenzie’s Mom

January 2016 by Rob Putman

“I came to know Dr. Zinderman and Comfort Care after our Siberian Husky, Zoe, had surgery to repair her torn ACL and crushed MCL. Cannot say enough nice things about Dr. Z. He clearly loves animals. He provided a comprehensive program that included laser treatment, strength building, and underwater treadmill therapy. We may own one of the few Siberians who hates water so I warned him that most likely Zoe would not be able to do the treadmill. Boy was I wrong. He assured me we would take it easy and slowly introduce her to the water. Come to find out she absolutely loved the treadmill and putting her to work on it was one of the best things for her recovery. As for the water, she could of cared less she was shoulder deep in it as long as she could walk.

The key to Zoe’s recovery was what Dr. Z taught me in terms of daily exercise and strength conditioning for her at home. To this day, we still do her exercises twice a day. In fact, Zoe demands it. I cannot thank Dr. Zinderman enough for helping us get Zoe back to her lovable and highly energetic self. I would highly recommend his services.”

December 06, 2015 by Lisa Conrad-Bitterman

“When our Buddy told us it was time to go to Rainbow Bridge, I wanted it done at home and that day. I had had to make an appointment for this in the past, and vowed never again. My vet wasn’t available, so I picked Dr. Zinderman from the list of three who did in home euthanasia in my area. He texted me right back and came out that day. This was a Saturday, too! He was so compassionate and I was so comfortable laying with Buddy on the bed and holding him. Dr. Zinderman gave us as much time as we wanted with Buddy, and then took him to the crematorium. We received a call at 900am the next day, Sunday, that the crematorium had Buddy’s ashes and were delivering them within the hour! I was so happy to have him home again. I sewed some of his ashes into my stuffed Snoopy dog and hug him whenever I want to. Dr. Zinderman sent us a condolence card a week later, also. All this from a vet I had never been to. He treated us like family, and we will be forever grateful to him.”

Maggie’s Rehab Treatment

Maggie’s Testimonial

From Laura

“We can’t begin to thank you enough for the tender care you provided Harley in his last minutes (actually have to laugh about the Milky Way).  Our anxiety was high from the anticipation of the moment but you really made Harley’s passing beautiful.  His ashes were delivered to us the next day and the young man was very kind.  This experience was so opposite of our last dog.  While we are still very sad and having our moments, we know he had a great life and has his strength back now.  I’m attaching a couple of pictures to show why we were so in love with Harley.
Thank you so much – you are wonderful at what you do.”Harley Lab Both

April 07, 2015 by Nancie Rowe-Janitz

“Our corgi Sonny could not put any weight on his right leg and was on steroids and other medicine that wasn’t working. After only 2 sessions with Dr. Z he’s up and walking and even though we have a long road ahead Sonny’s quality of life has improved immensely in a short period of time. Dr. Zinderman is kind, compassionate and really knows what he’s doing!”

October 14, 2014 by Allison Hawrylow

“I’m very pleased with my visit’s with Dr. Zinderman! He helped my dog back to walking on all 4 legs after a difficult surgery. He is so gentle, and knowledgeable in everything he does. Punkin attended 10 visits with Dr. Zinderman, and is back to her normal self! Thanks again Dr. Zinderman!!”

December 2014 by Jill

Dear Dr. Zinderman,

Thank you so much for the amazing work you did with Coco. I respect you and the profoundly purposeful work that you do. Being referred to you was a blessing to our family. I am grateful for your decision to become a veterinarian – you have made a positive difference in the lives of so many – much more than you may realize. Thank you for your phone calls and the kind card you sent me. I embrace your compassion for animals and human well-being. You are a gift to anyone who has the opportunity to know you – a treasure to the planet. Thank you for your wisdom, mindful nature, professionalism, and empathy. Know that you are cherished.

Peace & Joy,
Jill & John

October 12, 2014 by Allison Hawrylow

“This is my dog Punkin’s progress while in Physical Therapy with Dr. Zinderman during 10 visits! He saved my dog’s life and I will never forget it!”

August 14, 2014 Jill Norbury Jaranson

“I highly recommend Dr. Zinderman. I have seen significant improvement in Coco’s mobility and range of motion. Although the diagnosis of Degenerative Mylopathy is difficult to hear, at least I know that together we are providing the highest quality of life for my companion, Coco. I am grateful to have been referred to Dr. Zinderman.”

July 25, 2013 by Mickey L.

“I had my chocolate lab Casey for 13 years. Her health took a turn for e worse being diagnosed with bone cancer. After much consultation we called Dr. Zinderman to come to our house to euthanize our beloved girl. He came in the evening and our whole family was present. Dr. Zinderman enabled us to allow Casey to pass in the comfort of our own home and family present without the stress usually associated with a vets office. He was incredibly professional, patient and compassionate to Casey and entire family. I will never forget his compassion and help in easing this most difficult decision. Should the occasion ever arise again, I will surely call Dr. Zinderman. I recommend him highly and can’t thank him enough for helping us through this.”

From Hannah & Jukejuke

“Dear Dr. Zinderman,

Thank you so much for helping me with Juke! She is improving by leaps and bounds and she is feeling so much better I know. We are both very grateful you came to AVCG! 🙂

P.S. That’s my 11-year old GWP on the right, ‘Jive'”

callieFrom Valerie Hill & Callie

“Dr. Zinderman,

To thank you for your caring, your skill, your compassion…and your wonderful “pet-side manner”!

Thank you for doing what you said – get Callie in the best shape she’s ever been in. Thought you would like this picture of your champion treadmiller out on one of our many long walks. We are blessed to have had you work with us!”

melissa osman

mickeyFrom “Mickey” Miller

“Thank you for recognizing what an extraordinary fascinating creature I am and spoiling me accordingly!

Thank you for your time last week. I’m very happy that you recognize my problems. I’m already feeling better.

‘Mickey’ Miller”